Thank you so much for this collaboration opportunity, we are very excited to work with you!

As we will be sharing your photos and/or videos on both our website and our social media channels.Do make sure to let us know the credit links to you and/or your photographer and also if you would like to add in a personal watermark.

When filling out this form, please do make sure there are no typos and that your contact information and shipping address are both accurate and current.

Size & Measurement Guideline Link

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Size & Measurements
Our sizes do run small; do make sure you check our Size Guideline when choosing a size. And if you are not sure, include your measurements and we would be glad to make a recommendation!

Able To Provide & Work Time Require
We would like to know what feedback materials (ex: photos, videos etc) you will be sending with a estimated work time you require for the creative work!

 We have no requirements and will 120% work with what you need.So please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any requests on both.

Our default shipping carriers are DHL and EMS Express.Please let us know if you have a specific preference.

Please include both characters and/or series you would like and ones you DO NOT WANT.

 If we are able to, we will let you know the costume options available to you in advance.

If we will be pre-selecting base on our current available options, then we will make sure we do not send what you don't want.

And finally, please don't hesitate to include in any questions you may have for us as well!
 Thank you again, we can't wait to start!


Size Chart & Measurement Guideline


   Sizing Guideline

Our sizes do run small in comparison to standard US, Canada, UK sizing.
Please make sure to cross check the measurements listed for each size when choosing a preset size. 

Some costumes may also have distinct sizing standards.
Individual size guides can be found on the individual product pages.

   Finding The Right Size

To find the right size, please compare your height and body circumference measurements (chest / waist / hip) and choose
the size that is slightly larger than your base measurements.
The recommended wiggle room would be 0.5 - 1 inch (1.3 - 2.5 CM) for a standard fit.

   Custom Sizing Request

Custom sizing is free and available by request for most costumes in store.

To request, please select Custom Sizing under Size Options then include your measurements as well as any fitting requests in the Measurement Box
with your order. 
We encourage you to also include in specific measurements such as length request and sleeve opening if you do have a specific personal preference.

   Required Measurements

Download our complete measurement form here: (mandatory and required for full custom order and armor sets)
PDF Version

Word Version

For standard in store costumes



Shoulder Width

Chest Circumference

Natural Waist Circumference (your narrowest upper waist)
Drop Waist Circumference (your low waist)
Hip Circmference

Arm Length
Bicep Circumference
Inseam (for pants)
Dress Length (optional, measure from shoulder down to desire length)

   Measurement Guideline

Please refer to our Measurement Guideline Image below for reference on measurements. (video tutorials coming soon!)

Height & Weight - your total body height and current weight
Shoulder Width- measure from the back, shoulder tip to tip
Bust & Hip Circumference - measure at the widest part of your chest and hip
Natural Waist Circumference - your narrowest upper waist
Low Waist Circumference - your lower drop waist, by belly button

Dress Length - measure from shoulder down to desire length
Bodice Length - measure from shoulder or collarbone don to desire length
Skirt / Pant Length - full length measurement

If you have any questions or need additional guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us!

   Fitting Requests

We encourage you to include in any fitting requests and preferences with your order.
Such as:
- wider sleeves and wider fit for upper arm
- form fitting fit around waist and chest
- additional wiggle room for chest area

We want to make sure the costume set fits both comfortably and accurately for you.

 Custom Order & Measurement Form

You can download our Custom Order & Measurement Form below. It is recommended for full custom sizing order, custom commissions requests and as well as armor orders.

Word Version

PDF Version