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Cosrea Cosplay's Custom Order Guideline & Instructions
Thank you so much for choosing to place your custom commission order with us, we are very excited to work with you on this project!

To make sure we have all the information we need to make this order right for you.
Please take a minute and read through our guideline and instructions below.

When you are ready and have gather all the information for your order, please fill out the our order form below.

Please remember:

1. Take your time and make sure all requests are listed; big or small.
As we will be making your costume fully base on these requests and the reference photos you submit.
Once production starts, all other details with no specifications and requests will be based on your reference photos submitted.

2. You are responsible for providing accurate measurements.
If you have any questions or is not sure how to take a specific measurement, please contact us and we would be happy to assist!

3. Please only submit one set of primary reference photos.
If the photos will be from different artists or from different sources, please specify ONE as the primary full detail.
And pinpoint what we need to look for on the other reference photos.

Completion photos are provided to you for review and approval before packaging and shipping.
We will do our very best to accommodate any small change requests at that point.

Any additional changes requested for during and after completion, that were not listed in the form, may result in additional charges and additional production time.

If you have any questions or may need help with filling out your form, please send us a message and our support team would be glad to assist!

Custom Commission Request Form
When you are ready and have all the require information together, please fill out our custom request form here ---
Cosrea Cosplay Custom Order Request

Custom Fitting / Sizing Option - Free - 
Please see links below for our available store sizes as well as measurement guideline:
Size & Measurement Guideline

We do require our customers to fill out our complete measurement form for any full custom requests.

Download our form below in Word or PDF format.
Word Format
PDF Format
Reference Photos Guideline
Your primary reference photos should come from the same source where all primary details matches.
It should provide us with a clear frontal and back view of the costume set. With close up on any detailing such as emblem, logo and embroidery work.

If you choose to use photos from different sources.
Please appoint ONE as the primary photo and pinpoint and label the details we need to focus on for the secondary photos.

A good example of what the reference photo should look like:

Customization Requests

As a custom order, you are welcome to add in any customization requests you would like.

This would include (but not limited to) - 
- Fabric Change
- Fabric Color
- Detail Change
- Material / Fabric Specification
- Adding Details

Each of your request should be clearly listed in your request form.
Some may require additional charge or extra production time, especially if they were not quoted for with the original quote.

In that case, our team will follow up with a confirmation or a new final quote before we start production.


Payment Options
We offer several payment options for our custom request orders, including:

1. Split Payment
- 50% deposit to start with remainder and shipping upon completion prior to shipping

2. PayPal Credit
- Bill Me Later option provided by PayPal

3. Split Payment Through PayPal Invoice

If you have any questions or may need assistance with payment, please contact our support team!

All large dimension orders will be ship through EMS Express by default.
DHL may be available upon request, depending on destination country and costume details.

Each piece will be wrapped carefully with additional padding for a safe transit.
Costume set with armor pieces may be separate into smaller packaging for full padding.

Express and Priority Express shipping rates available for our in store costumes will NOT apply to any large dimension orders.
This includes orders with armors and prop pieces.
A separate quote will be provided upon request.

Final Photos
Final completion photos will be provided for you to review your order before we package and ship.
During this step, you are welcome to ask any questions, request for additional photos and any minor changes.

We encourage you to take advantage of this time to review any customization requests you may have asked for.

Once we have your approval to ship, we will send out the final invoice (if applicable) and start packaging and prep for shipment.
Exchange & Replacement Requests
If your order have arrived with any damages or missing pieces that may need to be replace or exchange for.
Please follow our guideline here to submit a request and our team will follow up with confirmation and instruction from there!
Cosrea Cosplay Exchange & Replacement Guideline