Hiring Announcement -
We are currently seeking experienced blogger for both long and short term positions.
The individual should:
1 - Someone with an active Blog or Review Site who have experience writing captivating articles!

2 - Great at communication and have a creative mind.

3 - Able to come up with their own materials and meet require deadline
If you are that person, please contact us at - mycosrea@gmail.com

Announcement -

We have received a tremendous amount of interest for our sponsorship program, we thank everyone for their great responses!
At this moment, we will be focusing our candidate selection based on these criteria:
1 - Individuals with previous experience working with sponsorship programs and/or with strong references.

2 - Experienced Cosplayers who have a strong Youtube following and experience with making video feedback.

3 - Active Bloggers & Social Media users who have strong presence and able to provide professional photo shoot.

4 - Cosplay Groups who frequently attends events and conventions, who would like to report and write about the events to share with our customers.

Thank you for your interest in joining our sponsorship and affiliate program, we are excited for the chance to work with you!

Please take a minute to read over the information below, including our criteria and requirements.

Once you are ready, please fill out and submit your


Sponsorship Criteria -
To join our sponsorship program, you should be:

1 - A avid Social Media user with a strong presence and following.

2 - A individual with strong background in Cosplay who will be able to provide professionally looking photos and review videos.

3 - A individual who have experience with product review or previous sponsorship experience. References are highly recommended.

 4 - A individual with strong writing skills who are able to provide a throughout product review.

 5 - A Cosplay group who frequents events and conventions, who are willing to provide a summary report, photos and videos to share the latest news with our customers.

 6 - Anime / Game Makers [Including indie titles]

What We Offer For Sponsorship -
In exchange for helping us bring exposure to our brand, we offer the following to our sponsorship candidates:

 1 - Costume / Wig / Accessories

 2 - Individual Discounts

 3 - Group Discounts

 4 - Feature on our website and social media channels.

 5 - Admission to events and local conventions.

Affiliation & Partner Criteria -
This is a program designed for individual who are interested in:

1 - Selling Cosrea brand products including costumes, wigs and accessories.

2 - Individual who have a strong customer service background that would like to accept custom commission orders on behalf of Cosrea.

3 - Understands the importance of customer service and able to provide reliable and consistent communication.
We offer both direct drop ship as well as wholesale order discount.
Please contact our support team for more information - mycosrea@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions - 
1 - Which product will I be receiving?
- Once selected, our team will contact you with the available products to choose from. Including in store products as well as custom products.

  2 - How long will it take for me to receive my requested product?
- Generally within 3-4 weeks including shipping. If you have a specific event you will be using the costume for, let us know in advance and we will make sure we arrangefor rush and expedite shipping.

  3 - Do I have to pay anything?
 - Nope! Everything, including shipping will be covered by us.
If you do choose expedite shipping and you are located in Canada / Europe, there is a chance of duties, in that case, it will be your responsibility to pay for that.

4 - Will I receive credits for my photos and videos?
 - Absolutely! We would be glad to tag back to you. Or if you would like to provide us with a short introduction, we would be glad to feature you on our website and social media channels.

5 - What happens if I wasn't selected right away?
 - Your application would stay open with us for as long as you would like and we would reconsider every candidate during new events.


Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to working with you!