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Welcome to Cosrea!
Our workshop was founded in 2003 by a small group of close friends and Cosplay enthusiast.
As students with very limited budget, we were dissatisfied with the limited options and choices when it came to available costumes.
We longed for a store where each costume would be personally created for it's owner, with customization options, quality material and most importantly, affordable pricing.
Together, our workshop first opened it's very first doors in early Spring 2003.

See our early works to our most current projects --
Our works from 2003-2008
Our works from 2009-2015
Our works from 2015-Current Days

Our focus and goal is to provide great costumes that are custom design and handmade.
Our design and production team works together, in a open space workshop environment so feedback and suggestion can be share for each project during all phrase of production.

See our workshop and our work space --
Cosrea Workshop

We partner with the best fabric and material supplier and maker in the area that allows us to offer both custom fabric option (ex: gradient and brocade options) and hand pick our choices for each costume.

We also understand how important it is to provide good customer support and therefore, we are dedicated to ensure all messages and inquires are answer quickly and professionally.
We are here to assist with any inquiries, questions and do everything we can to answer your question.

We are excited and look forward to continue growing and spread our presence in the upcoming years.
And most importantly, we can't wait to work with you on your next costume!

Cosrea Cosplay Team