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High quality

Every item that was received was of high quality and appeared to be the same as what was seen on the website. The only thing that was at fault was the pants; it didn’t fit but that’s okay I love it either way , I highly recommend getting it

Beautiful and Custom Designed

Unfortunately, I was made to wait 4 months for my dress, however, the customer service was still impeccable. They designed the dress with two laces under the arms so that the dress would fit two of my employees. When my dress was lost in shipping, they gave me a $25 refund and remade the dress. I then received it within two weeks of the remake. The dress is nice and heavy, made with good quality material. It is worth double the price.

Awesome cosplay

This cosplay was so great for my Inukimi photos. Overall it was pretty well made and fit me, per my custom measurements, really well. My only critique would be that the fabric was painted on with some sort of either fabric marker or some other type of paint for the design that tended to bleed through and show on the opposite side and I was worried the whole time if I got it wet it would make it a mess.


I absolutely LOVE this dress! Super sturdy, lightweight, and such great quality for such a reasonable price! The measurements were perfect, I’ve never had a dress that’s fit me so well before. Customer service was amazing, shipping was unbelievably fast. I asked for certain aspects of the dress to be customized very specifically and they were extremely accommodating. I would highly recommend this dress and I can’t wait to wear it!

Touhou Project Mountain of Faith Sanae Kochiya Cosplay Costume

Power rangers black

Power of my house is going with the other day

Power rangers black

Power rangers cosplay boxing mystic Force

Dream dress

I have ordered two dresses now, and they were so kind, clear in communication, and gave exactly what I wanted. I’m about to order my third!

belle dress

i hoped i could give 5 but sadly only 4.
i choice the option custom sizing so it would fit perfect on me, but sadly enough i could tie the back fully closed and it was still falling of my upper body...
so now i have to take it in myself sadly enough.
but overal the dress is sooo gorgues en pretty and soo well made, en sooo super acruate!!! i am in love with it. my childhood dream is finally comming true <3


This might be my 5th or 6th purchase from Cosrea. The quality is amazing. The customer service is wonderful. I love this shop!

Mikaela Hyakuya Cosplay

This cosplay is very impressive! The material and quality of the costume is amazing and it’s very comfortable to wear, it’s even lined! My only complaints are that the Velcro on the shoulder piece does not align with the Velcro on the sleeves. The shoulder piece also fits awkwardly and covers up the emblem on the shirt. I’ve had to make plenty of alterations to the cosplay, but am overall quite happy with it!

Love it!!

Fits like a glove! Absolutely gorgeous in every aspect, I'm so thrilled with this dress. Amazing customer service, when I asked for an update they let me know the reason for the delay, which I already expected, they threw in faster shipping as an apology that really wasn't needed. With that small act they got a customer for life. They go above and beyond to help and it's really appreciated.

Change these three things and it would be perfect!

Hello, so I meant to write this a long time ago (back in Nov 2020) but kept putting it off and/or forgetting but I'm doing it now! So let me start off by saying overall the top, bottoms, and vest are really nice and feel nice and light. There are 3 things that if changed could easily make this a must-buy. Also for reference, I'm a male, 5'6, around 68 kgs, and ordered a medium. Starting off, NO POCKETS on the pants? Kakashi always had hands in his pockets but the pants I received did not have pockets. We need pockets, please! Second, the mask I got was tight against the face, there is a little zipper you zip (obviously) and that was hard to deal with because it was smaller and didn't have any extra stretch to it. I do workout but I don't have a huge neck or anything but geez getting that thing on took some time and I had to be careful not to move in a certain way in fear that the zipper would break open causing damage to the mask. It is not a gaiter type of mask, so no extra elasticity. Lastly, the gloves I received....idk. It looks like they have a different supplier for gloves because the ones I got were super shiny looking and didn't match the aesthetics of everything else, the material/threads were falling apart on the inside of them also. The gloves did have a hard Konoha plate on them (stamped together) which was nice but if I wanted to say remove the plate to sew onto other gloves, I would end up destroying the plate just trying to get them off, unless maybe you had proper tools (ie: if you were a seamstress). You do get a pouch that does look different from the picture above (closer to white in color), a hard plastic kunai which was cool, you also get wraps, and a headband, but no bells. I had to use a spare belt to loop through the pouch which uses a velcro open-close but not a super strong velcro. I do not know if they have updated anything since Oct 2020, but the vest I got has buckles instead of the velcro shown. The vest definitely looks a lot nicer than other vests you see people cosplaying with and I am happy with the vest I got for sure.

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm bashing anything badly. Overall I am happy with my purchase, and I could always visit a seamstress and get pockets added lol. I do look forward to ordering from Cosrea again in the future.


very pretty and full! highly reccomend.

Belle DREAM Dress!

The dress is absolutely stunning! I am so happy with my purchase. Some of the best money I have EVER spent on a costume, if not the best! I am just looking into getting a petty coat that is bigger, the one it came with isn't as big as I would like but that is totally ok because that is just preference and you can get those on amazon for not expensive. I am so in love with it and I can not wait to make more purchases from here through the year. I love the material. The velvet is just dream & the detail!!! Thank you for making my Belle dream dress come true!!!!

Elena Avalor Dress

Perfect Dress
Good shipping time

Wonderful dress and service!

I requested this dress to be made to fit a six-ring hoop skirt, and they delivered perfectly! The communication was excellent on ensuring the measurements were correct and it was completed and shipped well before the deadline I provided. Wonderful customer service and excellent quality dress. I will definitely purchase from here again! :•)

Amazing customer service

I purchased this Belle gown and it was absolutely perfect! Customer service was unbelievably amazing! I asked for a special request for the gloves, and the not only sent exact details and photos, but provided the gloves requested AND the originals just in case. It also arrived much earlier than expected. I would recommend Cosrea to anyone, any day. Such a wonderful experience!
***will upload new photos after photo shoot!!

Great and helpful

You guys were a great help especially when I ordered the wrong size. I got my suit right on time

Frozen the musical

I adore the costumes I purchased for my daughter. We had them custom made they arrived on time and fit well.

Loki approuve

Il est bien, je suis pleinement satisfait de la justesse de la mesure, de la richesse des tissus et de la qualite. Je recommande, c'est probablement le pluq beau costume que je possede!

I feel so brave

I love merida so much and to wear this amazin cute dress helps me embody her it fits amazing love the custom make i only wish i got it 2 inch longer but thats on me and i did cut the lining out because the hot material n living in a sunny state it makes it more breathable to wear now in all seasons n still pretty warm in chilly weather

Im a guardian and so proud

I freaking love this cosplay sooo much its perfect the only thing i hav issue with is the vest its lik lil short for my liking but thats on me i now ask for 2 inch longer to everything everything is exceptional and well made amazing quality i feel lik a boss babe of the galaxy

Sailor bubblegum princess

Wore for my adventure time sailor scout crossover n its perfect it fits amazing the length is perfection the fit is wonderful i love everything about it im so greatful

Great Customer Service

Fast shipping & super helpful customer service. unfortunately, a piece of my dress broke in transit & they sent a replacement right away. My dress looks exactly like the picture! I recommend uploading your measurements & as much sizing detail as you can to make sure your dress will fit.