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Cant say enough good about these guys

They are just amazing

I have never seen better customer service the product is superior.

High Quality GREAT price

From customer service to product all 5 star

Nice Products, Poor Sizing

I ordered a custom fitting Anna outfit and took extreme care with my measurements, but when it arrived it fit extremely poorly. Some areas are too tight and some are literally four inches larger than my provided measurements. When I lift up my arms, the entire dress lifts so the bust is in my neck and the shoulders above my actual shoulders. The boots are way too tight and have no ankle support, and the cape clasp doesn't close so it falls off and thus the poor fitting cape falls off. All in all, not usable. Customer service was very kind and tried to help, but all they were ultimately able to offer was $25 refund and the same in store credit (I will not be ordering anything else based on this experience) so not even enough to cover alterations. The quality seemed pretty good if it had fit, but I'll never be able to use this so it was just a really big waste of money. What a bummer!

Ich liebe es

Die Qualität ist atemberaubend und ich werde auch in Zukunft hier bestellen 😍❤️

Great service and result

The cosplay I ordered was high quality and well fitting, with timely delivery and good customer service throughout the purchase process.

Incredible Service!

Being plus size I was hesitant to order this cosplay at first, but my experience working with Cosrea has made me want to come back again! The team asked me questions to clarify what I was looking for, and the costume came out exactly as I wanted! I did make some modifications once it came, but I really love the base product.

Mikuo cosplay

I love the cosplay! Everything fits perfectly and looks great I'm super excited to wear it to the con I'm going to in March. The only issue I have with the cosplay is that the undershirt is really sensitive to liquid a small drop of water got on it and you can see a small water mark on it still even after it dried but it's not super noticeable. Thank you for the wonderful cosplay!

Love it!

Beautifull done! Nice qualety, verry happy with it!

Breath of the wild Link's tunic

My tunic arrived earlier than expected and it's a perfect fit, communication and service were excellent, very kind and approachable. Will definitely recommend to people I know :)

Love it!

Fits perfectly, looks cute and just love it! It’s my new favourite costume!


It works like the real thing in the anime!!! I can fly around the house.

Dream dress!

This dress is a dream come true! I 100% stand by this company and their products. Customer service experience was probably one of the best interactions I've had with a costume company due to their quickness to respond and friendliness. They customed made the dress of my dreams and I couldnt be happier!

Elsa dress

Great quality, and good communication.

Still haven’t even gotten the cosplay

Was SO excited to find this company and get a cosplay for blizzcon 2023, I ordered it in June/July and stated I just needed it by the end of October. They said it would be no problem and were very commutative through the whole process! Then as it was getting closer to the end of august (when I was originally quoted to have the cosplay) they said there was some delays, which I didn’t see as an issue because I didn’t need it till November. Fast forward it was delay after delay and it didn’t ship out until mid / late October. Which wouldn’t have been a problem if it wasn’t for shipping time and MORE delays. So I have still yet to receive the cosplay and it’s getting to the middle of November. Very disappointed it didn’t make it in time especially because of how much money I paid for this custom made piece. Wish I could at least have been offered a partial refund or something because of how delayed this has been and that I’m still waiting.

Customer service

Very helpful and very kind customer service!

Wonderful Tink

Perfect Customer Service. Custom Sizing always done wonderfully. Highly recommend ordering with them every time for cosplay or Halloween.

Wrong character but fit perfectly

I purchased Honoka Kousaka's 6th Anniversary School Idol Festival cosplay with custom measurements. The cosplay they sent me was for Maki Nishikino, and I wasn't able to wear it for my group's performance. If it wasn't for the fact that the company made the wrong character's outfit for me, it still fit me really well.

31 rowsleyave

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A great Cosplay Store

Great costumer service and a good price/quality relation for the cosplay outfit I purchased. Had no issues with the shipping either. I really recommend it for those willing to pay more for better quality, it's worth it.

Noragami Nora Cosplay Costume

Great Costume. One Change

This is a high quality costume! Love the colors and the fabric. The only thing I would change is to make the zipper on the top a full length zipper, not the half. It is pretty hard to get off. Other than that, 5 stars!

Great Costume

The costume was well made and looked great, also everything fit perfectly except the boots which were on the large side, but this may have been due to a discrepancy in the measurements I sent. Also very happy that the costume arrived ahead of schedule. Really appreciate the service.

Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto = Awesome

Absolutely amazing! The costume fit very well, and it was also incredibly comfortable to wear. It is very true to the original design of six paths sage mode, and I would definitely recommend it :)

Extremely satisfied!

First time ordering and I was very impressed with the end result! The costume itself is beautiful, the fabric used was high quality, and the colours and details were very accurate. I provided my measurements as it was a custom commission and it fit perfectly. Definitely one of my favourite costumes that I've ever ordered online. Customer service was excellent, they were cooperative and willing to answer all of my questions and accommodate my requests. Also, the costume arrived a few days before the deadline I gave, which I was very happy about!

Overall, I was very pleased with the whole experience. Would love to order again soon and definitely going to recommend to others. Thank you Cosrea!