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Perfect fit!

Everything fit perfectly and everything was good quality! I love it so much! Will definitely buy more from here

Beautiful, but the MASK IS ATTACHED!

This suit is beautiful and I love the way the bodysuit looks! It is important to note that the MASK IS ATTACHED to the bodysuit and is not removable. The images on here made it look like the mask was detachable and separate from the suit but it is not.

Beautiful costume.

The dress is beautiful and well made. I would definitely order from them again. I haven’t worn the Snow White dress yet but it looks beautiful.

Perfect fitting!

Arrived quickly and is of good quality! Got a custom fitting and it fits me perfectly! I've wanted the Persona 1 cosplay for about 2 years and it was definitely worth it! :)

Always the best

This is my 5th order and they never disappoint! Always on time, always as described! I’m in love!!

Coronation anna

Beautyfull dress fully emboiderd and made with nice heavy fabricks the measurments wear good the skirt was a little big but an extra hook and eye made it perfect

Almost perfect

This cosplay is almost perfect- could only really be improved by the addition of pockets, which are a key component of the character. Otherwise done really well!

Best Autumn dress out yet (2021)

I commissioned cosrea last year in spring for a costum autumn dress and ordered the shown gold embroidery as shown here to have it more accurate. Not only cosrea provided the best service i experienced from a tailor from asia yet , they also made sure multiple times to get my accurate measurements and made sure the dress will fit me (as i am 180cm tall often the dresses turn out to short for me) We exchanged the whole process via mail and they kept my updated from themselfes. 100/10 service points here.

The dress took around 3 months to make and getting delivered.
As i am sewing myself i think i can give a good review here. There were several points why i didn't do the dress myself: finding the right fabric was difficult , also my embroidery machine couldn't do that big of embroidery. Cosrea privided both in best quality for that price category.

The fabric is made from a good quality mate duchesse satin which is not too shiny on the dress in real life. The complete dress is lined true to the movie in an orange/red lining. The embroidery is made from gold-metallic yarn , and everybody who embroiders knows what a pain in the ass it is to work with that kind of yarn. The embroidery is not as dense as if i would to it myself but its still very good.

The jacket is made from a more shiny fabric , also embroidered and also complete lined. I will replace the jacket with a selfmade one ,since i don't like the fabric that much, but for everybody who buys this dress and can't sew themself: don't wory its very well made, i am just picky :D

The belt is also made from a fitting not to shiny satin, embroidered also in gold , it has as difference to the original design a bow on its back, which tends to fight a bit with the jacked there but looks hella cute if you like bows.

Additionally to the dress i got a small hopskirt delivered which i also wore under it on the pictures.
To note for all anna enthusiasts is that the dress is an armless/shoulderfree dress, while in the original design anna has arms. For reallife use this is more pracitcal and totally fine since you wear the jacket on top of it anyway. It comes with clear elastic straps. My version of the dress has both a zipper and a lace up option , i was very surprised to also found a couture-typical hidden bra-closure inside of it to provide more stability in the bust area.

Well patterned, very well sewn and constructed , i can highly recommend getting this dress , its currently the best you can get if you don't want to sew it yourself 👌

Order it and have fun in one of the most beautiful Anna designs 👌

Quality Rapunzel Ballgown Dress

If your looking for amazing quality at low prices then this company is amazing! This dress fit me perfectly since they add extra room. They were so nice and communicated with me throughout the process. Wore this on my 15th birthday and it really was The Best Day Ever!

Little Mermaid Ariel Magenta Pink with Pearl Trim Cosplay Costume Absolutely Gorgeous!

I loved loved loved the dress! The quality is amazing. I am only giving it 4 stars because it did come bigger than the sizes I submitted for my daughter, which ultimately was not much of a problem as it still fits me, so we kept it. A cosplay costume of this quality makes you want to find any reason to dress up like a princess!

Very happy

Myself and my daughter in-laws have purchased a few Disney dress through Cosrea and are very happy with them.

Looks just like the picture!

The dress is beautiful and well-made, I did custom sizing and it fits perfectly to my measurements. It also really looks like the picture and even has the hoop skirt included so you don’t have to buy anything else to have the full princess dress effect. I’m super happy with it and will definitely buy from this site again when I need my next cosplay.

Better Than A More Expensive Model!

Purchased for a fellow performer who had previously played the same character in a different, more expensive park-style costume. She and I agreed, this one was even better than the pricier model in terms of comfort, fit, and silhouette. The puffy sleeves are perfect for this '80s princess! The team at Cosrea, as always, is highly communicative and a joy to work with.


Amazing! The dress is heavy and a nice fabric, silhouette is awesome as well. I did replace the crown and broche, and will probably do the same with the cowl as soon as I find a good replacement (this one is a bit of a saggy bag on the head). But other than that the costume is the best quality I’ve seen as far as Evil Queens go!


I love this costume so much! It fits perfectly and truly made me feel like Cinderella! Cosrea is amazing!! They have Incredible customer service and attention to detail!

Amazing Customer Service

I went back and forth with the support team for literally months customizing this costume to match the vision I had in my head. They were amazing through the entire process, so communicative, patient, and just as invested in the creative process as I was. I've never created a costume in partnership with someone so far away before - I'm used to being in the costume shop, hands on - but they made me feel as dialed in as possible to the various options we had to work with. Plus, I have a really interesting body shape, and they listened to and addressed all of my concerns. When the costume arrived, I still needed to make a couple of tweaks to perfect it (no fault of theirs, they made it exactly to my specifications), and they made sure I had what I needed to make it the best it could be. I'll be ordering many a costume from this team. They rock!

Merida wig

Perfect. Exactly like the picture


CosRea is now my go to for all my costumes! They are absolutely worth the price! I have ordered several custom costumes from them and have not been disappointed at all. They have some of the best customer service and are so clear in their communication.

I get all my ballgowns with combo lace tie and that allows it to fit any of my performers, highly recommend that!

They are more than willing to make adjustments and changes with fabric, even after production has started! I needed to make a last minute fabric swap on a Belle dress and they were happy to accommodate (with a little later arrival date)

Absolutely could not be happier with CosRea. Best place for most costumes and props.

(Pictured is the custom sizing Cinderella dress)

High quality

Every item that was received was of high quality and appeared to be the same as what was seen on the website. The only thing that was at fault was the pants; it didn’t fit but that’s okay I love it either way , I highly recommend getting it

Beautiful and Custom Designed

Unfortunately, I was made to wait 4 months for my dress, however, the customer service was still impeccable. They designed the dress with two laces under the arms so that the dress would fit two of my employees. When my dress was lost in shipping, they gave me a $25 refund and remade the dress. I then received it within two weeks of the remake. The dress is nice and heavy, made with good quality material. It is worth double the price.

Awesome cosplay

This cosplay was so great for my Inukimi photos. Overall it was pretty well made and fit me, per my custom measurements, really well. My only critique would be that the fabric was painted on with some sort of either fabric marker or some other type of paint for the design that tended to bleed through and show on the opposite side and I was worried the whole time if I got it wet it would make it a mess.


I absolutely LOVE this dress! Super sturdy, lightweight, and such great quality for such a reasonable price! The measurements were perfect, I’ve never had a dress that’s fit me so well before. Customer service was amazing, shipping was unbelievably fast. I asked for certain aspects of the dress to be customized very specifically and they were extremely accommodating. I would highly recommend this dress and I can’t wait to wear it!

Touhou Project Mountain of Faith Sanae Kochiya Cosplay Costume

Power rangers black

Power of my house is going with the other day

Power rangers black

Power rangers cosplay boxing mystic Force