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I had a wonderful experience with this company which is way I have told my friends and ordered two more cosplay from them and look forward to shopping again when I have the money to. Very little upset me with the costume which was the two buttons fell off and it was a little snug in the pants which is on me for not giving a good enough measurement, but i could fix that on my own. This little upset wouldn't stop me form shopping. I'm a plus size girl who has a hard time trying to find a cosplay that would fit my shoulder and my size. I always feel uncomfortable in most thing but the costume I got from this company made me feel comfortable. They also kept me informed about my costume and where very respectful. Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience and I look forward to shopping again.

Best customer service I've ever seen.

They made me feel like I was the only customer in the world. Took care of my issues which I rarely have but when I do they are resolved quickly.

Quality was great and looked very professional!

Mind blowing good

I am in love with this cosplay it looks so good and the quality is amazing. Used custom sizing and it fits as a glove. If you want to buy this I highly recommend it the cosplay is gorgeous and the customer service has been the best I ever experienced. :3

Too small and too late

I ordered a size bigger and it was still to small, i set the deadline for june 1st and got it june 14, I understand for the weather issues but they should have said something prior, i ordered it on may 16th

Fab product, bit of a wait

Ordered a custom size Maleficent outfit and when it did get here it was absolutely perfect and fit my actress like a glove, the only downside was that the production time took a very long time. When I messaged them to speak about this customer service were incredibly helpful and did apologise as there had been an issue with flooding, in a fabric warehouse and that had delayed my order.

It would’ve been nice to have been notified of this during the production process but now I know next time to do a rush order at no extra charge to me to make sure I get my product in time.

Some of them are ok some colors are off some parts missing one even sent the wrong variation of the costume


This coslpay despite being custom made is terribly over sized it has me looking like s preisr or s professor more then gojo it makes me so mad


The color is wrong it's jet black missing the blind fold


Amazing nothing to complain about exactly what it looks like in the pictures 10 out of 10


It's exactly as described just that some of mine is missing the little leg covers witch is totally fine with me the pants are way to oversized tho witch is also fine since there just black pants recommend 🥳

Unrivalled customer service

There was a shipping fiasco (weird long story), and the team was so supportive and communicative throughout the entire ordeal, having to make the costume like 3 times until the last one finally reached me. The costume itself is extremely nice quality (I got JJK Yuji). Very worthy of the 5 stars all around.


We asked for a special design with magnets in the front so we can do the quick change during “let it go” for a stage production. This dress was perfect! Made exactly to specifications. Looked gorgeous. Colors and fabrics amazing. We adore this dress. This will be our go to for all future stage costumes! Thanks!!

Tried to upload video but I couldn’t so here are stills of the quick change


Used this for a stage production. We also ordered the embroidered version with magnets down the front for the quick change. Blown away by both dresses. Simply perfect. The communication and response of the company was superb. The dresses are gorgeous, perfect stitches, gorgeous colors. You won’t do better anywhere else. This will be our go to company for all our stage production needs! Thank you!!

Disappointed, still satisfied

We ordered a Maui costume based off the website pictures. It was customized to our performer sizing, however when it arrived it was more of a flesh color than the costume on the website. As our performer is native Hawaiian, we really needed the costume to be the brown that inspired us to place the order.

Having said that,upon contacting Cosrea they went above and beyond expectations in trying to problem solve in time for our event. Costars customer service is impeccable and much appreciated.

We did not end up getting a Maui costume from them since there really wasn’t time, but I have every confidence they would have made it right.

Cant say enough good about these guys

They are just amazing

I have never seen better customer service the product is superior.

High Quality GREAT price

From customer service to product all 5 star

Nice Products, Poor Sizing

I ordered a custom fitting Anna outfit and took extreme care with my measurements, but when it arrived it fit extremely poorly. Some areas are too tight and some are literally four inches larger than my provided measurements. When I lift up my arms, the entire dress lifts so the bust is in my neck and the shoulders above my actual shoulders. The boots are way too tight and have no ankle support, and the cape clasp doesn't close so it falls off and thus the poor fitting cape falls off. All in all, not usable. Customer service was very kind and tried to help, but all they were ultimately able to offer was $25 refund and the same in store credit (I will not be ordering anything else based on this experience) so not even enough to cover alterations. The quality seemed pretty good if it had fit, but I'll never be able to use this so it was just a really big waste of money. What a bummer!

Ich liebe es

Die Qualität ist atemberaubend und ich werde auch in Zukunft hier bestellen 😍❤️

Great service and result

The cosplay I ordered was high quality and well fitting, with timely delivery and good customer service throughout the purchase process.

Incredible Service!

Being plus size I was hesitant to order this cosplay at first, but my experience working with Cosrea has made me want to come back again! The team asked me questions to clarify what I was looking for, and the costume came out exactly as I wanted! I did make some modifications once it came, but I really love the base product.

Mikuo cosplay

I love the cosplay! Everything fits perfectly and looks great I'm super excited to wear it to the con I'm going to in March. The only issue I have with the cosplay is that the undershirt is really sensitive to liquid a small drop of water got on it and you can see a small water mark on it still even after it dried but it's not super noticeable. Thank you for the wonderful cosplay!

Love it!

Beautifull done! Nice qualety, verry happy with it!

Breath of the wild Link's tunic

My tunic arrived earlier than expected and it's a perfect fit, communication and service were excellent, very kind and approachable. Will definitely recommend to people I know :)