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You will find some of our most frequently asked questions and answers, for our store, our costumes and our services below.
If your question is not on the list, please Send us a message here and our support team will get right back to you!

Placing A Order - 
When placing a order with customization requests, please make sure to take a minute and fill out all require information accurately.

Next to the product photos, you will see a set of option boxes in dark grey color.
This area will display all available customization options for the item you are viewing as well as a text box for you to include any additional requests or inquiries you need our workshop to know before production.

Please make sure you take a little time and fill out each box correctly.
If you will be choosing custom sizing option, please also make sure that all require measurements are included.

When choosing a deadline date, please do note that each costume set have a average production time require.
If you have a rush deadline date, please contact us for confirmation before placing your order.

If you have any questions on the costume set, sizing, shipping or any inquiries at all, please contact our support team and we would be glad to assist!

Option Boxes -

Finish Photo Requests -
By very popular request, we are now offering the custom request to see finish photos of costumes, including custom orders (props and shoes included) prior to packaging and shipping.
This request is completely free but will require additional 3-7 days of handling time.

About Our Costumes - 
Q - Can I request for the costume to be made with my measurements?
A - Absolutely! Custom sizing is free and available upon request for most of our in store costumes and all custom commission costumes.

Q - What other customization options are available?
A - We offer a variety of customization options including:
Closure Change / Corset Boning
Color / Fabric / Detail Change
For more information please visit our Custom Options Page

Q - I'm not sure which size is best for me, can you make a recommendation?
A - Of course! Send us a message with your measurements, size as well as any fitting preferences [ex: loose fit] and our team would be glad to help finding the right size for you!

Q - What kind of fabric and material is used on my costume?
A - Our primary material includes satin, cotton blend, nylon cotton, brocade satin, brocade silk, PU leather, faux fur, velvet etc.
All fabrics are hand selected by our workshop with some handmade and custom dye in our workshop.

Q - How long does it take to make my costume?
A - Costumes with different level of complexity and material requirement would have different production time frame. Average would be 7-25 days with Fast Ship [3-7 days] available for selected store size costumes.
To see the production time require for the costume you have selected, please click on Time Tab.

Q - I have a deadline date, can you make it on time?
A - We will certainly do our best! Make sure your deadline date is included with the order and if you have a rush deadline date, send us a message for confirmation before placing your order.

Q - Will my costume look just like the photos? Can I request for finish photos?
A - Absolutely. All photos in store are either taken by our workshop or given to us from our customers as feedback photos.
You are more than welcome to request for finish photos before packaging/shipping. Additional 3-5 days of handling time would be require so please make sure to take that into consideration for your deadline date.

Q - What is the best way to clean my costume?
A - If it's small area we would recommend spot cleaning. Warm water with light detergent and hand wash the dirty area then air dry.
If it's overall cleaning, please consider dry clean or full hand wash. All costumes and dresses are delicate and please do not use regular machine cycle.
About Our Wigs - 
Q - Can I style the wig using flat iron or hair blower?
A -Yes. Low heat stylers can be use on the wig.

Q - What kind of material is used to make my wig?
A - All wigs are made with heat resistant fiber.

Q - Will it come already style and ready to use?
A - Yes. All wigs will come style with all color/highlight and trim in place. Do note that spikes may be flatten during shipping and may need to be re-style with hair gel before using.

Q - Can I request for color change or length trim to a in store wig?
A - Absolutely. Please send us a message with your request and specification before placing your order and we would be glad to do our best to help!

Q - What is the fitting of the wig?
A - All of our wigs have a standard adult fitting with maximum 55-60CM circumference.
If you may require a broader fit, please contact us with circumference measurement before placing your order.
About Our Props & Armors - 
Q - What kind of materials are used to make my prop? Is it safe for conventions?
A - Primary material includes EVA, PVC and light weight wood. All materials are convention and event safe. All swords will come with closed blades.

Q - What kind of materials are used to make my armor?
A - Primary material would include cotton twill, velvet, PU leather, faux fur for fabric pieces and PVC and EVA for armor pieces.

Q - Can I add customization requests? Such as color change or detail change? Will it cost extra?
A - Absolutely! Color change are generally free to request with the exception of custom color such as glitter paint. Detail change will depend on your specification so please contact us first for confirmation.

Q - How long does it take to make my prop?
A - Average production time for in store props are 7-15 days. Additional requests such as custom color or detail change may require additional time.

Q - How long does it take to make my armor order?
A - Armor sets are complex in detail with mostly custom materials so we would recommend to allow at least 35-55 days for production.

Q - What is the maximum length allow for prop? Can I request for longer length with connecting joints?
A - Maximum length allow is 1.3 meter (via EMS only) and yes, props with extended length can be requested to have connecting joints.
ex: separate handle and body for swords

Q - Will you provide finish photos before you ship?
A - Absolutely. You are more than welcome to request for finish photos prior to shipping for in store props. Custom props and armor sets will all receive finish photos by default for approval prior to shipping.

Q - I purchased a armor set from you and one of the piece broke, can you sell me a replacement piece? Will I receive a discount?
A - Absolutely. We would be glad to assist with discount pricing on replacement armor pieces/partial sets. Contact us for more information.
Custom Commission Request - 
Q - Do you accept custom commission request?
A - Absolutely!

Q - How do I request for a quote?
A - To request for a free quote, please fill out the Custom Quote Form

Q - What information would you need?
A - We would request for character information, your specifications as well as a clear set of reference photos. Preferably with a clear front, side and back view and close up on any detailing such as logo.

Q - How do I start a custom commission order?
A - To start a order after receiving your quote. Reply back to the Email directly and our team would be glad to get you started on our measurement form and payment!
Payment & Shipping - 
Q - What kind of payment options are available?
A - We accept all major credit cards, PayPal Checkout and PayPal Credit.

Q - Do you offer split payment or payment installment?
A - Yes. Split payment [50% deposit] is available for armor sets or large order with a total over $450.
We also offer PayPal Credit as a installment option.

Q - What is PayPal Credit and how do I apply for it?
A - PayPal credit is a financing option offer by PayPal. It gives special offers such as No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchase of $99 or more.
For more information please click here

Q - Do you ship worldwide?
A - Absolutely! We offer shipping worldwide via couriers including:
DHL International
Standard Postal

Q - What kind of shipping options are available and how long will it take to receive my order?
A - We offer three shipping options:
Standard Shipping 7-15 Days FREE
Express Shipping 5-10 Days $18.99
Priority Express Shipping 3-8 Days $24.99

Large dimension packages such as prop and armors may only be available via EMS or EMS Express.
Return, Exchange & Replacement - 

Q - Where can I find information on your return, exchange and replacement policy?
A - To find out more about our Return, Exchange & Replacement policy, please click here

Q - How do I request for a exchange?
A - To request for an exchange, please contact our support team first with your order information and our team will guide you through the process of the exchange request.

Q - My order arrived damaged or having missing items, what can you do to help?
A - Please contact us immediately upon receiving your order. Photo the package, including exterior packaging, close up on label as well as all content receive.
Let our support team know the issue you are having and we will reach out promptly and assist with replacement pieces.

Q - My order is arriving late, what can you do to help?
A - As costume makers, we understand how important it is to have your costume arrive on time for your event and will do our very best to assure that happens. In the case a package does arrive late due to unexpected circumstances such as courier or weather issues, please contact our support team directly and we will assist with options such as partial refund or return / exchange for your order.