How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders ship to major cities generally arrive within 2-6 weeks.This is a average time frame for most fabric based costumes, wigs and props.
Selected costumes and armors with high complexity will require a longer production and handling time.

  Does custom order require extra production time?

Yes it will.

Custom sizing request requires a additional 3-5 days in additional to the standard production time frame.
Customization requests such as fabric or detail change can require anywhere from 5 - 15 days in additional.

If you have a deadline date, please contact us for confirmation before placing your order.

  Adding a deadline date request.

Deadline date request is free and optional.
We recommend setting a deadline date that is 1-1.5 weeks before your actual event date; giving additional wiggle room for shipping and fitting.

For custom armors and props, you will be quoted a production time frame base on our current schedule.
And we will confirm your deadline date request before production.

  Can I cancel or modify my order before it ships?

Order modification and cancellation is available within 24 hours after placing your order.

Past that, your order will be in production and modification changes will be limited to only small sizing alterations.
And cancellation request may require a re-stocking charge of 10-35%, depending on the production phase.*** (per individual cases)

  Do you offer payment options?

Split payment option (50% deposit with remainder due upon completion, prior to shipment) is available upon request.

And we also work with PayPal and accept PayPal Credit as payment method.
PayPal Credit is a 6 months payment installment option offer directly by PayPal.

  Available payment methods.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master and American Express, as well as PayPal.
Cashier check option is available for bulk order only.


  Requesting a quote for a custom project.

  Custom sizing option.

Custom sizing is free and available upon request for most costumes in store.
To request, simply choose Custom Sizing and include your measurements with your order.

Selected costumes may not have this option available.
Please refer to product description on each individual product page for confirmation.

  Choosing a size.

To choose a size, compare your measurements to the ones listed on our size chart and select a size that is 0.5 -1 inches larger
than your base measurements.

For more information, see ourSize & Measurement Guideline

 Can I request for a specific fabric or fabric color?

You are welcome to specify for both fabric type and fabric color for your custom order. 
Let us know your request at the time of order, and we would be glad to send you photos for matching fabric and color swatch.

Please do note that custom fabric such as brocade or gradient fabric will require additional production time.


  Do you ship international?

Absolutely! We ship to all major cities worldwide.

  What shipping carriers are available?

Our primary shipping carriers include EMS, DHL International and UPS International.
You can contact our support team to request for a specific carrier anytime prior to shipping.

  What are your shipping options?

Standard Shipping 10 - 15 Days FREE- Via DHL, EMS, DPLEX, Fedex

ExpressOver $50 Express Shipping 5 - 12 Days FREE- Via DHL, EMS Express

Under $50 Express Shipping 5 - 12 Days $7.99- Via DHL, EMS Express 

Priority Express Shipping 3 - 9 Days $24.99- Via DHL Express

Oversize Shipping (Armors & Props) 10-20 Days $39.99- Via EMS, EMS Express

  If items in my order ships separately, will I be charged extra?

Cosrea will not charge any extra shipping and handling fees.The fee quoted at checkout will be the total you will be charge for on shipping.
Any additional charge by carrier will be fully cover by us.

  How will I know when my order is shipped?

You will receive an email notification confirming shipment (be sure to check your spam folder).

  Will I be charge custom, duties or taxes at delivery?

Selected countries may add on a duties or custom fees charge for Express and Priority Express services.

These are determined by the customs agency within the destination country.
 They are based on the value of the order and the tax–free threshold, if it exists,for imported goods.

More information can be obtained by contacting your local customs office.


  What is Cosrea's return and exchange policy?

Standard orders in preset size, for in store costumes, shoes and wigs with no added customization can be:

1. Return for a full refund minus shipping cost within 14 days of receiving your order.
2. Exchange for another item of choice.

A photo verification is require for any exchange or replacement requests.
And any exchange or replacement will be prioritize with expedite shipping by default.Please see our Return & Exchange pagefor full guideline.

  What about custom orders?

Custom commissions or orders with added customization requests will not be eligible for regular return:

1. If there is a production mistake, upon confirmation, your order will be eligible for priority exchange/replacement and per order basis, return with exception approval.
2. If the order is made correctly but a replacement is needed, a material cost only pricing will be provided.

A photo verification is require for any exchange or replacement requests.
And any exchange or replacement will be prioritize with expedite shipping by default.

  Can I request to exchange with a different costume?

Absolutely! Returns in original condition can be exchange with a different style of choice.
Differences may be charge separately.

  After I mail my return, how long will it take to receive my refund?

Refund is usually handle within 2-3 days upon receiving the return package. We do our best to make sure it's as quickly as possible. 

  Replacement policy for custom armor sets

Replacements can be order for armor and prop sets at a discount; contact us for a direct quote.


  How do I request for a wholesale or bulk order discount?

Contact us directly with your item list, customization requests if any and total quantity, and our team will put together a custom price quote for your order.

  Non-Profit & Charity Purpose discounts

We give our full support for all non-profit and charities and we are glad to offer both discount and complimentary offers for both purpose.
Contact us with your item list, customization requests if any and quantity for a custom quote.

  Custom request in wholesale quantity

Let us know you will be needing a bulk order pricing and amount when getting a quote and we will be glad to provide a discount bulk price for your order.

  Small business & new business discounts

Small business and new business discounts are available upon request. 
Discounts offer can include direct monetary discount and exclusive offers as well as free accessories. Contact us for a quote.

  Does Cosrea offer Sponsorship?

Yes, we do.You can fill out a application form here and we will contact you when we have a open availability.


Send us a message and our support team will get back to you in lightning speed!

Size Chart & Measurement Guideline


   Sizing Guideline

Our sizes do run small in comparison to standard US, Canada, UK sizing.
Please make sure to cross check the measurements listed for each size when choosing a preset size. 

Some costumes may also have distinct sizing standards.
Individual size guides can be found on the individual product pages.

   Finding The Right Size

To find the right size, please compare your height and body circumference measurements (chest / waist / hip) and choose
the size that is slightly larger than your base measurements.
The recommended wiggle room would be 0.5 - 1 inch (1.3 - 2.5 CM) for a standard fit.

   Custom Sizing Request

Custom sizing is free and available by request for most costumes in store.

To request, please select Custom Sizing under Size Options then include your measurements as well as any fitting requests in the Measurement Box
with your order. 
We encourage you to also include in specific measurements such as length request and sleeve opening if you do have a specific personal preference.

   Required Measurements

Download our complete measurement form here: (mandatory and required for full custom order and armor sets)
PDF Version

Word Version

For standard in store costumes



Shoulder Width

Chest Circumference

Natural Waist Circumference (your narrowest upper waist)
Drop Waist Circumference (your low waist)
Hip Circmference

Arm Length
Bicep Circumference
Inseam (for pants)
Dress Length (optional, measure from shoulder down to desire length)

   Measurement Guideline

Please refer to our Measurement Guideline Image below for reference on measurements. (video tutorials coming soon!)

Height & Weight - your total body height and current weight
Shoulder Width- measure from the back, shoulder tip to tip
Bust & Hip Circumference - measure at the widest part of your chest and hip
Natural Waist Circumference - your narrowest upper waist
Low Waist Circumference - your lower drop waist, by belly button

Dress Length - measure from shoulder down to desire length
Bodice Length - measure from shoulder or collarbone don to desire length
Skirt / Pant Length - full length measurement

If you have any questions or need additional guidance, please don't hesitate to contact us!

   Fitting Requests

We encourage you to include in any fitting requests and preferences with your order.
Such as:
- wider sleeves and wider fit for upper arm
- form fitting fit around waist and chest
- additional wiggle room for chest area

We want to make sure the costume set fits both comfortably and accurately for you.

 Custom Order & Measurement Form

You can download our Custom Order & Measurement Form below. It is recommended for full custom sizing order, custom commissions requests and as well as armor orders.

Word Version

PDF Version